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Broken bits of Roman soldiers’ sandals helped lead to the discovery. Researchers knew about the large site — close to the German town of Hermeskeil, near the French border — since the 19th century but lacked solid evidence about what it was. Parts of the fort also had been covered up or destroyed by agricultural development. Hornung and her team began work on the site in March , first mapping the fort’s dimensions. They found that the military base was made up of a rectangular earthwork enclosure with rounded corners, covering about 45 acres , square meters. They also found an acre 76, square-meter annex that incorporated a spring, which may have supplied water to the troops. During excavations the next year, they found one of the gates of the fort, according to a statement from JGU. In the gaps between stones that paved the gateway, the team found shoe nails from the sandals of Roman soldiers and shards of pottery that helped confirm the site’s date.

Russia’s Great War and Revolution

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Signs that read “Don’t Fraternize” were placed every 50 yards near U. The initial fear was that American troops would get involved with German female spies and reveal significant intelligence to the enemy. The ridiculous nature of the mandate became an issue when the U. War Department realized that they didn’t want their troops to be uncivil toward little children, which required Eisenhower to write into law a stipulation that would allow troops to interact cordially with German children age 12 and under.

Naturally, the issue became the difficulty of soldiers to decipher whether a German citizen was of the proper age for interaction. As the French troops stationed in Germany did not have to follow the same ridiculous policy, which was even loosely enforced by the American government, a trend developed in which American troops often dressed up in U. American troops are actually deployed in Germany and welcomed there by the government.

This has opened up a network of U. The country is also very close to Russia, which sets it up as both a vulnerable spot for attack and a key location for the U. All of this focus on Germany also makes it a central point for people who flock to it from all over the globe.

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After this defeat, the Romans undertook a comprehensive reform of their army and changed the basic tactical formation from the Greek-style phalanx armed with the hasta spear and the clipeus round shield to a more flexible three-line formation. The Hastati stood in the first line, the Principes in the second line and the Triarii at the third line. While the Triarii were still armed with the hasta, the Hastati and the Principes were rearmed with short swords and heavy javelins.

Each soldier from the Hastati and Principes lines carried two javelins. The iron shank was either socketed or, more usually, widened to a flat tang. A pilum usually weighed between two and four kilograms, with the versions produced during the Empire being somewhat lighter.

Dec 10,  · The three-year-old organization, with members — all children of German soldiers — provides phone numbers that war babies can call to talk about what it was like growing up behind the veil.

Read on for the most impressive female soldiers around the world! Russia Women have been active in the Russian army throughout history performing various functions, either joining in disguise or tacitly accepted by various corps. The famous female colonel Maria Bochkareva, who was decorated three times and promoted to senior NCO rank, headed the Death Brigade in There is also a story of a group of 12 schoolgirls from Moscow who joined the army in disguise.

Today, the established opinion is that females simply lack the body strength to carry wounded men in full combat gear out of the hot zone, but on the other hand, women are regarded as fully capable of killing the enemy. Queen Elizabeth II certainly proved the tenacity of women when she joined the British Army, drove a truck, and worked on vehicles. Click next to discover some more tough female soldiers. France The French have embraced female soldiers in the military since , and in , women were given equal status to male soldiers.

She served in Indochina and became a helicopter pilot, making her the first female to fly a helicopter in combat. The French Foreign Legion is also not open to females. Pinterest Despite the open policy, only 1.

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Share this article Share Even by the standards of war, this was a particularly grim episode. But while such barbaric murders were extremely rare, a new book reveals that the violation by American soldiers of the women whom they had been sent to Europe to free and assist was far more common than has first been thought. It is, of course, a horrific fact of war that soldiers rape the women of the lands they conquer.

Many troops — but certainly not all — see female flesh as a justified spoil, something they deserve after fighting with the husbands, fathers and sons of the women they abuse. Rape is also a way by which one nation signifies that it now has dominance over another. French women are seen waving American flags in Paris in August following the city’s liberation, but the book alleges that thousands of French women were raped by GIs after freeing the city from the Nazis Welcome: A French woman embraces an American soldier as troops parade through Paris in August We can have your women, rape says, and there is nothing you can do because we are in charge.

Many thousands of German women and girls, for example, were raped by Russian troops in the battle for Berlin at the end of World War II. Until now, we in the former Allied Western nations tend to regard rape as something carried out by countries other than ourselves. Through films such as Saving Private Ryan and The Longest Day, we are conditioned to think of the Allied troops as being above such behaviour.

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The Neanderthal 1 fossils are known to be 40, years old. Evidence of modern humans, similarly dated, has been found in caves in the Swabian Jura near Ulm. The finds include 42, year-old bird bone and mammoth ivory flutes which are the oldest musical instruments ever found, [18] the 40, year-old Ice Age Lion Man which is the oldest uncontested figurative art ever discovered, [19] and the 35, year-old Venus of Hohle Fels which is the oldest uncontested human figurative art ever discovered.

As it was partitioned in , West Francia blue and East Francia red became predecessors of France and Germany, respectively In the 3rd century a number of large West Germanic tribes emerged: Around , the Germanic peoples broke into Roman-controlled lands. Simultaneously several large tribes formed in what is now Germany and displaced or absorbed smaller Germanic tribes.

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While the greatest looters of World War II were undoubtedly Germany, Japan, and Russia—each stole untold billions of dollars in art, industrial equipment, and individual wealth—soldiers of all the combatant nations helped themselves to the possessions of others. And while the U. Most of these thefts were smalltime and spur of the moment. But as the war in Europe wound down, a trio of drunken, brazen, and almost comically inept thieves—all of them, regrettably, U.

Army officers—managed to pull off one of the most lucrative wartime thefts in history. The princes and their mother were the scions of a German principality dating back to the 17th century. Burying the valuables was intended to protect them from the increasingly frequent air raids pounding the Frankfurt area. Once the Allied armies arrived, the box could be retrieved from its hiding place and its contents used to ensure—through bribery of Allied officials, if necessary—that the surviving members of the House of Hesse did not suffer the indignities of occupation sure to be visited on their less well-heeled countrymen.

The Hesse family members still living in the building were unceremoniously moved to several cottages on the property, and on April 22 the facility was officially renamed the Kronberg Castle Country Club.

US soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Germany

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In What Soldiers Do, Professor Mary Louise Roberts of the University of Wisconsin argues that American GIs committed rape thousands of times during the War. And, more surprisingly still, many of.

That’s not being a decent caring human. That’s being a user. When the company out in the country hired an African American woman in the office — it was in my office that she was placed. So maybe it was easier for me — I honestly got to know them. It could make you a better person. Caring could turn this country around. December 9, at 9: It’s all part of the agenda. They want you to believe their lies that we all originate from one person, but we don’t. And each of those branches of our human ancestry establishes their own genetic lineage that can be selectively TRACED.

And we should not mix them. The question is, why are the current rulers of the world so hell-bent on trying to ERASE our uniqueness????

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Have they “earned” it already? Well, how about it, Ranger snob? Army Soldiers all along beginning with combat arms, and to keep BLACK for Army Rangers many whom are infuriated bezerkoid that their sole ownership of the black color was taken away. Esperit de Corps is not reserved for just a few units to look good at the expense of everyone else, ALL Soldiers and units have their own colored distinctive beret and personalities that fits their mission profiles.

He asks, “Why not the same ethos here in the U.

US soldiers killed in helicopter crash in Germany 20th September , 0 comments The cause of the crash at the Grafenwoehr US army training grounds in the south of the country was not known.

Romance Scammers impersonate US soldiers — Military imposter A romance scam is a type of online fraud. What looks like new great love at first glance soon turns out to be a fraud. Unscrupulous criminals pose as soldiers of the US army and conquer the hearts of the women they have met on the Internet with sweet words. In the end, the men are only interested in one thing: Many have a similar story to tell. This story often begins with the women being contacted unsolicited by alleged US soldiers.

Initial contact was via email, Facebook, dating sites, Skype, forums or other social networks. The soldiers then send great photos in uniform, combat dress and with military vehicles or weapons.

Soldiers, several ‘rebels’ killed in Afghanistan

I was talking to a good friend of mine who is a black dude who grew up in Hawaii. He is stationed in Germany with the army, and before that, he was in Georgia for a few years. I finally got in touch with him after having lost touch for a while One thing we talked about were women. As a tall single black guy, he feels kind of like a minor rock star in Germany. He has really pretty German women from the age of clamoring to sleep with him to get a taste of the ‘forbidden fruit’. He even had to change his cell number because some of them got obsessive.

Jul 18,  · Good thing Germany’s news understand this, so over at the you’ll get plenty of local Deutschland news in English. All right, some of the uniforms might look a little out of place considering you’ll even find some soldiers dating to the American Revolution.

Japanese women in Manchuria found life difficult after Soviet troops entered Manchuria near the end of the war. Many of those women were used as “dolls” — sexual objects. There are many accounts of several Japanese women who were raped or almost raped. In one account, a young girl threw herself out a three-story window to avoid being raped by Soviet troops.

Another account demonstrated how not only Soviet troops but also Chinese civilians tried to rape Japanese women. A Chinese man came to a woman’s house and asked her to give him her two daughters because his daughters were raped by Japanese soldiers. The woman offered herself instead, but the man changed his mind. Japanese men offered some Japanese women as female Kamikaze troops to Soviet troops to protect their community and other Japanese women and children.

Once women were raped, they were no longer part of their community and were often rejected by their husbands. Courts-Martial in Occupation Japan: Immediately after the Japanese surrendered in , the Japanese Ministry of the Interior made plans to protect Japanese women in its middle and upper classes from American troops. Many more women known as panpan turned to prostitution in the struggle to survive in the midst of the postwar devastation.

Burritt Sabin of the Japan Times reported in that just days before the R. The situation prompted MacArthur and Eichelberger, the two top military men of the U.

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