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Every thing I seen on line was fact from easy as pie hook up as very simple to set up. If you want some bling for your bike that actually works for you, here it is. First night ride was amazing, Great colors, very bright if wanted, easy to see, easy to read, and I don’t think it can make any bike look bad. Up grade, up,grade, up grade. Easy to read clock and fuel gauge as well as speed and rpms. They say for my bike it will not show gears which unfortunately they are mostly correct, 1 thru 5 is all up to you but it does show 6th gear very bright so you don’t keep trying to squeeze out another one. Almost forgot, it even has a low fuel light. That’s a big help when you are having one of those absent minded days. All in all I am very happy with mind and would go as far as to say not for you to buy one but for Harley to start making it a normal part on each of their bikes.

Speedometer broken

Rear view of both instruments, side-by-side, shows the cable hookup for the mechanical unit and the electronic input plug receptacles for the other unit. Whichever type of speedometer that you use when building a modified vehicle it will need to be calibrated to compensate for any change in tire size or gear ratio.

The mechanical, cable-driven speedometer can be corrected by replacing the gear or gears that are located on the output shaft of the transmission or with an externally mounted ratio adapter. Mechanical Speedometer For over a century the mechanical eddy current speedometer has been used and is still in widespread use. It was the only type commonly used until the s and the appearance of electronic speedometers.

We repair all makes of cable drive speedometers from up. Antique speedometer restorations are our specialty. Typical problems are speedometer needle bounces, speedometer wiggles or speedometer makes a noise while driving.

A look inside Hello and Welcome, On the last blog post I was working on getting my vintage Schwinn Exerciser working a little smoother and quieter. If you read the post you know I replaced the noisy Speedometer with a quieter one that was a near perfect match. Checking the comments afterwards, one of my regular readers and supporters “Ryan” commented that I would probably repair and re-use the original Speedometer. Just to see how it is put together.

And maybe get a “general idea” of how it works. So reef the sails! Here we go into uncharted waters again! The whole process starts here. The actual worm drive unit on the Exerciser. The spinning wheel turns the large gear by way of a tang.

Harley Sportster Speedometers

This information applies in large measure to the TH R4 transmissions, but not to any of the computer-controlled transmissions that came later – they are all controlled by the computer and the wiring is more or less just to all the sensors involved and is specific to the computer you have to use. Overview The only wiring work you need to do on these transmission is wire up the controls for the lockup feature on the torque converter.

This can be accomplished with simple kits from several places or with custom wiring of your choice. The kits typically have two wires going into the transmission – one is power to the torque converter clutch and another is a ground connection. When you have power and a ground, the converter is “locked”. When one or both are disconnected, the converter is unlocked.

Jan 18,  · How do I hook up my speedo (T) I have a t out of a 96 trans am that i am putting in my 67 camaro. the 4 speed that i took out of it had a gear that turned to move the speedo but this new tranny is electronic. How do I make it work. I am planning on buying autometer guages later anyway but any advice would be helpful.

Sep 6, Photos I was a bit task oriented with getting it done, as well as changing the outside down pipe between the stock header and cat. I just got back online and now it is dark and everything is buttoned up. Start at the dash and take out all, and I mean all, the philips head screws holding the housing around the instruments; you will need to take the screws out around the radio as well.

It kind of rotates from the top out. If it hangs up and is really hard to move, you probably missed a screw. The radio stays in, just the housing around the radio comes out. The instruments, however, do come out as they are attached to the housing. This will allow you to get easily to the back of the speedometer and pull the plug on the cable.

Calibrating a Speedometer

And then also how would i hook up my subs to the reciever? I need to hook it up to the same connector that a trailer would need to hook up to. The problem is I can’t find the T-split to plug the adapter into. Any help where to locate this in my car? Its going on a cavalier it has a bunch of cables in a thick wrap?

Nov 03,  · Need some information, and some an other GM vehicle that I need to drive the speedometer from other than the conventional transmission. Have been told some Olds used left front wheel. So questions:(1) Which Olds used the front wheel to drive the speedometer.

I have one of the 06 problem speedometers in my truck. There is a TSB on these speedometers. The backing warps and hangs up the needle. The computer senses something is wrong and makes adjustments. Mine has been up to 50mph faster then the real speed I was doing. You don’t need any tools, it just clips in there. Lower your steering wheel to the lowest setting. Pull the clip off of the headlight switch and work your way over to the radio. Pull all of the heater control clips, and the power outlet.

Remove the clear plastic cover over the gauges. Place the gauges on a nice flat surface like a desk. Look at the face of the instrument panel. I could see where the black center cap was scraping on the face.

How do you replace a speedometer cable on an ’85 Chevy Blazer

Jaguar inexplicitly routed the speedometer cable in such a fashion as to guarantee that the cable will bind at some point in the car’s lifetime. Nothing else makes sense. After the right angle drive behind the speedometer died some years ago.

How to replace speedometer cable on Toyota pick up? That particular model does not have a cable, it is an electronic speedometer with a speed sensor mounted in the transmission. Check all the wires coming from it, then the sensor and last check the actual gauge in the ‘s a link to check the speed sensor.

My power windows don’t move at all! Check the fuse on the power window relay as well as the relay itself for the windows. Also clean the contacts on the switches as noted above – the current for the passenger window passes through the driver’s side switch, so check them all. Can I switch out my 85mph speedometer with a faster one? It is for the same reason that the national speed limit was set at 55mph.

However, this regulatory goal may or may not have something to do with the US government giving large amounts of money to the Chrysler Corporation to produce K-cars. Can I fit the

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Drive from gearbox The speedometer cable is driven from the gearbox, and curves smoothly up through the engine compartment and the bulkhead to connect with the back of the speedometer. Speedometer failure is likely to be caused by a fault in the cable that runs from the gearbox to the back of the speedometer gauge. If the gauge needle does not move at all, the inner cable or drive may be broken; or the cable’s square ends may have become rounded with wear and fail to engage in the sockets.

The fixings at the ends can work loose or be wrongly fitted. If the gauge needle swings or moves sluggishly, gearbox oil may have seeped up the cable and got into the speedometer itself. In that case, you must replace the speedometer.

Oct 26,  · i think that i get how to hook it up, but i wanted to know if i can take the wires from the stock tach and just run them to the aftermarket one? That way .

If you’re looking for custom lighting for your entire dash, look no further than our custom LED lighting kits, engineered specifically to work with your vehicle. Do you have problems with your needles sticking? Display not working properly or not at all? Light bulbs burned out? Let our skilled technicians help at a fraction of the cost of purchasing and programming a new cluster through a dealer. We have teamed up with them to create the custom gauge faces you will see installed in the truck featured in the video!

Putting a Digital Speedo on GSF

Tachometer Made From a Bicycle Speedometer cyclocomputer Sometimes you just have to know how fast a wheel or shaft or motor is turning. The measuring device for rotational speed is a tachometer. But they are expensive and not easy to find. Its cheap and easy to make one using a bicycle speedometer cyclocomputer. In fact, the only thing you need is a functional cyclocomputer that reads speed in miles per hour.

Aug 13,  · Now to the problem I am having with my electric speedometer. I have installed an TPI out of a 91 Chevy IROC with a r4 tranny into a 48 Chevy pick-up. The wiring harness is aftermarket from a great guy in Texas, but I have lost his address.

Sending Unit Extension Water Temp Sending unit The ‘new’ dash unit – ’66 gauge clusters used to be a dime a dozen at the swap meets. They were the bait that the vendor uses to tell you what kind of car he’s parted out and is selling. They can run anywhere from five to fifty bucks for the exact same unit. They are getting increasingly harder to find. EBAY regularly has them posted and typically go for between 20 and 40 depending on condition.

Look them over closely. Forget about the front bezel and the lenses because you’re going to replace them anyway. You’re after the internals and the back housing. Make sure the units are relatively clean, straight, not been sitting out exposed to the weather. Housings with rust on the back are typically not a good sign.

Speedometer Stopped Working

After rebuilding the big-block Sept. After two runs on our Dynojet, a big puddle of ATF spelled an end to our baseline testing, due to a massive fracture in the car’s existing non-original Powerglide case. So, skipping our drag test, we went straight into installing our 4L80E. A brief recap, the 4L80E heavy duty overdrive trans first debuted in , as a replacement for the TH in HD applications that needed an overdrive gear for better fuel economy.

It combined several of the existing parts from the rock solid TH , and quickly proved to be a beast capable of handling high horsepower and extreme duty in a variety of applications.

Each gauge includes a programmable electronic speedometer that can plug directly into your stock speedometer transmission pick-up, or plugs directly into Thunder Heart’s speed sensor. The , RPM LED tachometer sweeps across the top of the gauge.

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