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Z What is a patron saint? Patron saints are chosen as special protectors or guardians over areas of life. These areas can include occupations, illnesses, churches, countries, causes — anything that is important to us. The earliest records show that people and churches were named after apostles and martyrs as early as the fourth century. Recently, the popes have named patron saints but patrons can be chosen by other individuals or groups as well. Patron saints are often chosen today because an interest, talent, or event in their lives overlaps with the special area. Angels can also be named as patron saints. A patron saint can help us when we follow the example of that saint’s life and when we ask for that saint’s intercessory prayers to God.

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January 21 Also known as: Her name means “pure” in Greek and “lamb” in Latin. She was a beautiful virgin who turned away all suitors, declaring that she could have no spouse but Jesus. Many young men wanted to marry her. She said that to do so would be an insult to her heavenly Spouse, that she would keep her consecrated virginity intact, accept death, and see Christ.

Daruma (Bodhidharma), From Buddhahood to Brothel, From Saint to Sinner. Evolution of Daruma Art in Japan. Digital Dictionary of Japanese Buddhism. Common Misspellings = Bodhidarma, Bodidarma.

Aphrodisiacs Wild cabbage was traditionally recommended as an aphrodisiac. Coffee Break Romance It’s reported that more than 10, marriages a year now are directly traceable to romances which begin during coffee breaks. Engagement Lengths The average engagement lasts 17 months. First Love Two out of five marry their first love. Forgotten Romance Most recent research indicates just about 9, romantic couples each year take out marriage licenses, then fail to use them.

Go Ahead and Kiss A team of medical experts in Virginia contends that you’re more likely to catch the common cold virus by shaking hands than by kissing. According to a survey, the second most popular reason for having sex is to produce a baby. Honeymoons We’ve been told of two different theories as to where the term ‘honeymoon’ originated. The word honeymoon first appeared in the 16th century.

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According to the text, St. Thecla was a young noble virgin from Iconium who listened to St. She sat by her window for three days, listening to St. Paul and his teachings. When they witnessed this, they became concerned that St. Thecla would follow St.

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I never imagined that one day I would sign up to one — then I met Russell. Last year, after he accepted my proposal over a weekend at a chateau in France I confess, I did not go down on bended knee we had a ceremony with 22 close friends and family in a smart London hotel. There was a wedding list, flowers in buttonholes for the two grooms and our parents, readings and music. There were tears from me as I stumbled over my vows. Just like any other wedding, really.

For our families and friends, both gay and straight, it was a special and emotional day and not just because they were thrilled to see us so happy. They were delighted to be sharing in the formal, public recognition of our relationship in the eyes of the law.


This means not just preparation for parties, celebrations and family gatherings, but preparing for the Incarnation, the birth of the Christ child, Jesus. His birth ushered in a new era of salvation and solidified our redemption. Sacred Scripture mentions many characters as the scene is set for the birth of Christ: Mary, Herod the Great, and the three Kings, to name a few.

About St Valentine. Historical archives talk of at least three different individuals known by the name of Saint Valentine and associated with Valentine’s Day celebration of February

Graphics on 17 September, at Lettering painted across the forehead identify the owner as the patron saint of lovers, St. The truth behind whose skull this is, however, is complicated. It is a bit of a grey area, since there was more than one Catholic saint known as Saint Valentine. Then there is the approximately years between those martyr’s deaths and the enthusiastic distribution and labeling of bodies in the Victorian era. Finally, and most troubling, there is the fact that no less than ten places claim to house the relics all around the world.

Little is known of the real man behind the myth. What is known is that at least two men by the name of Valentine Valentinus were identified in Italy and died in the late 3rd century. They were buried along Via Flaminia. As a saint, Valentine first gained notoriety in when Pope Gelasius I made February 14, originally part of the Roman festival of Lupercalia, a feast day dedicated to St. The stories of the different men seem to have merged into one over time, with most of the mythology about Valentine being a patron of lovers, helping early Christian couples to marry in secret.

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By Christine Galeone When difficulties arise, as they often do, many people do what they can, pray to God and, then, they pray for the intercession of patron saints. In addition to finding help and a safe place to go, women who are in abusive relationships can pray for the intercession of saints such as St. Castora Gabrielli and St. People who are in seemingly hopeless relationships might consider praying to St. Jude, the patron saint of lost causes.

Saint Joseph with the Infant Jesus by Guido Reni, c. Foster father of Jesus Christ Spouse of the Blessed Virgin Mary Prince and Patron of the Universal Church.

And many of us use it as an opportunity to show affection for our loved ones with cards, flowers or chocolates. But why exactly do we celebrate Valentine’s Day and why does it fall on February 14? Well we’ve trawled through the history books to find out the real reasons so you don’t have to – and the background casts a very different light on the holiday. Read More How did Valentine’s Day begin?

Getty Images Valentine’s Day is an old tradition thought to have originated from a Roman Festival known as Lupercalia, according to History. It was held on February 15 as a fertility festival dedicated to Faunus, the Roman god of agriculture.

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Sunday, April 10, Relationship Prayer Well, not a great weekend all around. Nothing really happened one way or the other; I just feel empty inside or filled with anxiety or sadness. I’m so very tired and have been in bed for two days, for the most part. Not good, I know

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Two items of the same kind; a pair. Something that joins or connects two things together; a link. Two people united, as by betrothal or marriage. Informal A few; several: Physics A pair of forces of equal magnitude acting in parallel but opposite directions, capable of causing rotation but not translation. To link together; connect: Electricity To link two circuits or currents , as by magnetic induction. Archaic To join together in marriage; marry. To form pairs; join. To unite sexually; have sexual intercourse.

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Over the years St Valentine has come incorrectly to be associated with finding love, the Church says. He is the patron saint for those who have already found their soulmate. St Raphael is the patron saint for happy encounters and it is to him those fearing the Valentine’s post should properly direct their prayers.

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Francis de Sales, that certain saints are to be admired but not imitated. Born in Rome in , the aristocratic Elizabeth was blissfully happy when she first married Christopher Mora. He doted on her, particularly pleased to show her off to his friends. His pride soon became jealousy, though, and he began to limit her contact with the outside world.

Before long, he grew disinterested and started to seek fulfillment in other areas. The handsome, successful lawyer was soon a compulsive gambler and a lecherous drunk. He moved from mistress to mistress, all the while ridiculing his wife for her piety.


Patrons Saints for the Divorced St. Helen The mother of Constantine, St. Helen found the True Cross in Jerusalem and, for many centuries, devotion to St. Helen has been linked to devotion to the Holy Cross.

Feb 12,  · Valentine’s Day is named after St. Valentine, who has become known as the patron saint of lovers. He was a rather mercurial figure about whom little is known.

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Friday, 11 Mar Photo: Clearly, my priorities were in order. Needless to say, it did not come to pass and I am still unmarried. Thank you, St Joseph for unanswered prayers. I did not, however, dare to offer the novena to St Joseph for a devastatingly handsome hubbie during my twenties. My reason has ironically to do with the fact that I became more serious about my faith.

Saint Valentine, officially known as Saint Valentine of Rome, is a third-century Roman saint widely celebrated on February 14 and commonly associated with “courtly love.” Although not much of St. Valentine’s life is reliably known, and whether or not the stories involve two different saints by the.

Catholic Charities counselor Catholic Help for Anxiety Many practicing Catholics who experience anxiety turn to their faith to reduce and eliminate their anxious feelings. They use the power of their faith in God, their religious beliefs and their prayers. The Catholic practitioner usually prays to a specific Saint and recites or reads prayers to that Saint. Many Catholic Saints have wonderful words of encouragement in their writings regarding worry and anxiety.

They reassure the faithful that worry and anxiety do not help, that the Lord listens to prayers and that in His plan all things will pass. The following are examples of the Saints that Catholics often pray to for help with anxiety.

There’s A Patron Saint of Hemorrhoids